ramen bar
Kazinczy utca, Budapest
51 m²

Ramenka is located in the old jewish quarter of Budapest, now known as the nightlife district. As you might have guessed it is a ramen bar that specialises in the famous japanese noodle soup. Ramen is a traditional dish with centuries of heritage not only in making, but also in serving and enjoying this meal. This is what we kept in mind when we were asked to work on this project.

The concept of the interior was based on the materials of traditional Japanese architecture and its characteristic geometric design. We dived into the culture of eating ramen with Ramenka’s owner and all the functions were designed with the inspiration of traditional noodle bars. The minimalistic interior is in contrast with the colorful dish, making sure that this divine soup gets the attention it deserves.

The result is a simple pine wood structure with either transparent polycarbonate or solid walls depending on the functions. There is a huge table in the middle, surrounded by custom-made wood stools, and there are spaces at the counter as well, which is really common in Japan.

The star of this place is the soup itself. It appears in the name and the minimalistic logo, it is served in custom made bowls, and finally it is placed in neutral concrete and wood interior to highlight this rich and colorful dish.

Please slurp!

interior design | URBA, Márton Lengyel, Rita Vízkelety
collaborator | NUMBERNOW- Wanda Reich, Noémi Varga
graphic design | Áron Filkey
ceramics | Kezemura
photography | Máté Moro, Áron Filkey
interior photography | Tamás Bujnovszky
client | Lu Boyin