temporary market
12 000 m²

Milan hosted the World Expo in 2015 and we were asked to design a temporary market where local farmers could sell their organic products during the event. The location was an unused railway area with the size of 12 000 m2.
As it was a temporary installation, it was fundamental to design a structure that can be disassembled and varied easily and can be used at other events later. Moreover it needed a roof that covers the whole area and protects the stalls.

We came up with a modular system that fits specific needs and can be used in many settings. Neutral canvas coverage on wood balusters with nail plates, and wood girders that hold the structure together.
This system gave us an easily adjustable geometry. The stalls and other constructions were built from simple plastic crates and we used sandbags to separate the space. Many of these elements were only borrowed, companies bought them back after the event. This made the concept sustainable while made it easier to move this temporary installation to a different location.

architecture | URBA – Márton Lengyel, Rita Vízkelety, Oana Pangalos, Dániel Illés Pálfi
collaborator | NUMBERNOW – Noémi Varga
photography | Tamás Bujnovszky
structural engineer | Ádám Kőszeghy
client | Andrea Rasca