restaurant / bar
Aulich street, Budapest
250 m²

The Szabadság café was opened in 1902 in the prestigious V. district. It was favoured by noted Hungarian poets and writers for long decades but it lost its shine during the years.
The new owners imagined an interior that reflects the café’s heritage yet appeals to young consumers.

Our aim was to design a high-level restaurant with the atmosphere of the ‘30s cafés.
We left the counter – the place’s most dominant object – at its original place but we gave it a fresh coverage. The harmonic blend of old and new can be found in the materials and furniture as well.
The mid-century modern elements are paired with custom-made lamps and reinterpreted patterns and materials. The visual identity of Liberté is minimalistic, fresh and modern to compensate the elegant interior.

interior design | URBA – Márton Lengyel, Zsófi Muzsnai, Dániel Illés Pálfi, Oana Pangalos
graphic design | URBA – Márton Lengyel, Zsófi Muzsnai
set design | Heni Kiss
client | Baldaszti Group