family house

The house is located in a quiet, residental neighborhood of Buda, sitting in a lush garden filled with fresh air and birdsong. The assignement was to design a home for a family of 4 with a simple and functional layout, using natural materials and finishes and staying within a reasonable budget.

The private rooms of the family members are located upstairs, while the common spaces are downstairs in one large space. The living room area is situated on a slightly sunken floor level, resulting in a subtle sepatation from the kitchen and other functions. The multi-purpose bay-like oak furniture serves the various needs of the family, sitting or kids’ playing area with plenty of hidden storage space.

The light color scheme, the large windows and the direct access to the garden gives a light and airy feel to the house. The use of birch plywood, linoleum and oak creates a natural harmony, while raw brick surfaces add a bit of raw character and warmth to it.

architecture | URBA – Márton Lengyel, Zsófia Muzsnai
photography | Matti Varga
client | private