restaurant / bar
Nádor utca, Budapest
150 m²

Börze is located in the city’s central and elegant V. district.
The name Börze is an old fashioned word for stock exchange and it refers to the classical building nearby and to the prominent neighborhood. There is a strong classical influence in the interior design as well. The floor is covered with mosaic tiles in a unique pattern while the oak wood panels on the walls give a warm touch to the space. The products offered at the deli counter can also be part of the decoration using the modular shelving system.
The marvelous terrazzo counter is made of carrara marble and limestone, and its classic colors are paired with a modern pattern.

The traditional coffeehouse atmosphere was a starting point during the planning phase. Our aim was to create a vibrant, elegant place that fits the modern needs. Apart from the chairs, everything is custom-made. The cupboards’ design and material usage combine the classic and modern style. The benches bring a coffeehouse touch to the space. The brass elements create harmony among the objects, it can spotted on the lamps and the legs as well.
Other modern materials such as the raw leather and green pots soften the space and bring freshness into the interior.

The service area and the restrooms are located in the basement, and can be accessed on caracole stairs. Both their quality and detailed implementation are worthy completion of the upper space.

interior design | URBA – Márton Lengyel, Oana Pangalos, Zsófi Muzsnai, Dániel Illés Pálfi
graphic design | Eszter Laki
illustration | Zsófia Perger
photography | Gergő Gosztom
client | Tisza Cipő Zrt.