Sas street, Budapest

350 m²

Nomuri was a temporary club on the ground floor of a building where a hotel’s constuction was in progress. The challenge of this project was that the club had to be stylish, temporary and suitable for the ongoing construction at the same time.

The concept was that besides being a club, Nomuri should function as a construction area as well. We used materials that are common in the construction industry, but unexpected at a nightlife venue.
We used the club as a cargo area, which was full in the beginning of the construction, but later the materials started to disappear from the space and were used at the hotel.

lead designer: Márton Lengyel
designer: Noémi Varga
assistant designer: Ábel Bálint, Pálfi Dániel Illés
photography: Tamás Bujnovszky