Wine bar

Király street, Budapest

140 m²

about the project:

Hungarian wines are getting famous so it is not a surprise that wine bars started to appear a few years ago in the busy downtown of Budapest. ETAP had to stand out from the existing bar scene both in its concept and its appearance. Our task was to design the bar’s interior and develop a distinctive identity.

the concept:

Wine drinking has been associated with pretentious wine talks and snobby tastings. The idea behind ETAP was to leave all this behind and design a wine bar that’s approachable and friendly yet offers the highest quality of local wines.
The menu changes frequently, constantly refreshed with less-known wineries and small batch wines. The interior concept is pretty straightforward: putting the emphasis on the products. The space reminds us of a deli where everything you can buy is in front of you. The modular MDF wall system adapts to the changing sortiment. It’s easily variable as you can arrange shelves and hangs in many ways.
During daytime or low season part of the space can be separated.

logo, identity:

We worked together with Ábris Gryllus on ETAP’s visual identity. The logo reflects the variability of the space and the menu’s constant changing. It is used in different ways, several arrangements and this concept is applied in other signage elements such as the menu card.

lead designer: Márton Lengyel
designer: Rita Vízkelety, Noémi Varga
assistant designer: Pálfi Dániel Illés, Oana Pangalos
graphic design: Ábris Gryllus