We are Rita and Marci, architects by profession, explorers at heart.
After studying and working together for several years we founded URBA.  
Our goal is to create holistic experience through architecture, interior design and visual identity.  

Budapest’s downtown started to change around 2010. More tourists, new nightlife venues, buzzing streets at night. While new places were popping up, it became more important for investors to open stylish and attractive venues. This trend pretty much shaped our first years: we designed clubs, restaurants and bars mainly in the inner districts of Budapest.

In the beginning of 2016, we decided to found our own studio. This is URBA.

With URBA our aim is to design temporary buildings, houses and more complex buildings besides commercial venues.  

The team

Rita Vízkelety, founder, architect
Marci Lengyel, founder, architect
Oana Pangalos, architect, graphic designer
Zsófi Muzsnai, architect
Dalma Faddi, architect